What we do

R&D Projects

¹We dedicate our time to the conception and development of original and strategical projects/products for the evolution and growth of the company often thanks to financial support of European Union, Italian Government and Tuscany Region.

Alitec has collaborations and partnerships with Italian universities (Pisa, Florence, Siena, Trento), National Research Institute (CNR) and with international research centers (Cambridge University, Imperial Collage, Yale University, Caltech , Berkley, University of Oldenburg, WIP, DRL, AIT, TUT, NREL, SUPSI, RSE, etc).

We are currently active in R&D projects mainly in the following areas:

  • Sensors to increase the PV Performance Ratio ¹
  • PV faults localization detecting, field monitoring and production forecasting
  • Clean Hydrogen Production
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Water Management to prevent desertification
  • Ultrafine particles and trace gas detector for real-time outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring
  • Environmental sensors
  • Nano and micro-plastic seawater detector
¹ If you want to learn more about that  see sunto’s web site or ESA2.0 project website

R&D services

We offers our qualified and interdisciplinary competence and our scientific know-how in the field of mechanics, electronics, optics, software/firmware and artificial intelligence, cloud services supporting medium and large companies in the design and development of highly innovative systems/products.


Alitec S.r.l. single shareholder company

Company subject to direction and coordination by Ali Group S.r.l.

VAT number IT01140370451