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Alitec has always been involved in the research for original solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of existing or developing systems.

The most important product in this area is LUMIO (insert link LUMIO), the remote management of street lighting.


LUMIO is a low-cost solution (investment return in about 2 years) to upgrade  open and industrial areas lighting network, allowing control and monitoring of individual lamps and modulating the light intensity.


LUMIO consists of three modules:

  • Lamp Module (LM)
  • Concentrator Module (CM)
  • Server Module (SM)

LM is a ballast that monitors and controls the electric power flow of the lamp. It consists of a PLC communication system that connects the LM to the rest of the system, and it is compatible with any type of lamp (including HID and LED). It can be installed into the lamp frame, in the support pole or in the junction box.

LM Features

  • it detects lamp failures (eg insufficient power, capacitor or fuse out of order, low lamp, power failure, etc.)
  • it run commands (lamp on and off, reducing light flow, overvoltage and undervoltage control of lamp power, etc.)
  • it carries out surveys and measurements (voltage, power consumption, current, power factor, electronic ballast temperature, consumed energy, operating hours, etc.)

CM, installed in the line cabinets, is the hub that collects the individual LMs. It also manages the short-range communication (ZigBee ® / PLC) with the LMs and it redirects the data to the central unit with GSM / GPRS / UMTS / EDGE / ETHERNET / FIBRA.

CM Features

  • it polls the individual connected LM at predefined intervals
  • it collects the information on the operation of a single light point
  • it sends commands produced by the management system console to the individual LM
  • it transfers the data between the management system and the individual LM

SM is the server, equipped with appropriate software, which manages the whole system. It is installed either at the administration side or hosted by a server farm.

SM Features

  • it shows on a map, the location of individual light points and concentrators to which they are connected
  • it detects and records in the database the light point anomalies
  • it enables the monitoring and diagnostics of the system through the management dashboard
  • customizable automatic reports and processing
  • it schedules the on and off cycles of the system using the astronomical clock
  • it acts at each light point to determine ignition time, shutdown time and power of the luminous flux

LUMIO general advantages

  • energy savings between 20% and 50%, depending on the type of illuminated area
  • it turns the light point from a passive element to an active element, separately controllable from the other light points
  • it reduces maintenance costs
  • it prolongs the life of used bulbs
  • it reduces overall light pollution
  • it adapts to different types of lamps
  • it allows the use of the electricity for other purposes (eg power a wireless network, video surveillance, etc.)
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