TGD04 is  a detector of small amount of gas  based on photoacoustic spectroscopy. 

It is particularly suited to reveal pollutant gases (eg CO, CO2, NOx, etc.) present in the air or to monitor one or more gases involved in an industrial process (eg methane, ammonia, etc.) or in agronomy ( es. ethylene). With a new technique we are able to significantly increase the sensitivity of the instrument and to produce, therefore, a monitoring system for gas traces that is highly selective and portable. The lower limit to the concentration of gas that can be detected is in the range of ppm-ppb (parts per million-billion) and it depends on the intensity of the spectral line of the gas to be monitored and on the required response time.

Detectors based on traditional photoacoustic reach far greater sensitivity, but with the limit of non-portability and high cost, as they are made using high-power lasers, characterized by a significant size and weight that bind them to a restricted use within laboratories or rooms specially crafted.

In our detector, to exceed the limit of non-portability of lasers used in conventional photoacoustic, we have replaced the bulky power-lasers with the most flexible and cheapest diode lasers, although these appears still lacking with regard to the emitted optical power, resulting in decrease in the achievable sensitivity.

To limit this problem it was proposed and implemented a novel technique that allows you to earn from two to three orders of magnitude in the sensitivity achievable by the instrument.

Main features

  • Simultaneous detection of one or more gas
  • Portable
  • Sub-ppm sensitivity
  • User-Friendly
  • Continuous monitoring (single-gas)
  • Wide dynamic range
  • No samples gas manipulation
  • High stability: only 1-2 calibrations / year
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Low Cost

Results: multi-gas detection

  • CH4 : 30 ppb / mW
  • C2H4 : 100 ppb / mW
  • NH3 : 500 ppb / mW; if you want to detect a single gas, the sensitivity is much higher
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